Wednesday, April 06, 2005

White Trash Wednesday -- Battle of the Bands

This is not actually a White Trash Wednesday posting -- though the rest of the gang (see down the sidebar on the right for the other participants) is still on-topic, I'm sure. But I'm not sure I feel like goig through with this anymore... so unless I hear otherwise, I'm going to be leaving the WTW group. If you'll miss my postings on such topics as beef jerky and Purim in the trailer park, let me know by commenting.

In the meantime, let me share with you this collection I have been putting together of movies and television shows that feature a "Battle of the Bands" -- and please let me know of others that I've missed.

CHiPs (Episode 516, January 1982) -- Punks slash the tires of the punk band "Snow Pink," so Ponch and John investigate. Everyone winds up at a Battle of the Bands, and the winner is "Snow Pink".

Lovelines (1984) -- When Piper and Rick, the two hottest properties in the Battle of the Bands want to make it, only one thing stands in their way. They're from opposing High Schools. When all else fails, only Lovelines answering service can keep them together.

Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey (1991) -- Bill and Ted are killed by their evil robot doubles from the future. In order to save the babes and win the San Dimas Battle of the Bands, they must escape from Hell, challenge the Grim Reaper, meet God, and defeat the evil Bill and Ted. They do.

California Dreams (Episode 2, September 1992) -- Matt is determined to win the Battle of the Bands contest. The "California Dreams" are up against "Bradley and the Billionaires." One of the judges has a crush on Matt; he figures all he needs to do is date her to swing the vote and win the battle.

Blues Brothers 2000 (1998) -- Dan Aykroyd again tries to aid Mother Superior Mary Stigmata to save a children's hospital, by reuniting the band and entering the New Orleans' Battle of the Bands.

School of Rock (2003) -- Substitute teacher Jack Black and his prep school music class enter the Battle of the Bands because Jack has misplaced dreams of musical success. He dresses up like that guy from AC/DC. They lose.


Me said...

I don't know dude, I think todays post clearly captured the true spirit of WTW.

Of course, you did forget to list numerous episodes of 'Saved by the Bell' in which Zack wore striped shirts and played guitar without actually moving his hand down the neck.

Chandira said...

Ah.. Bill & Ted, and School of Rock.. Now you're talking. :-)

Hector, I never had you figured a a person who watched Saved by the Bell..

Me said...

Chandira, what can I say - we were all twelve once. Plus, Kelly was all kinds of hot.

Isaac, I too have quit the WTW. I killed the blogroll, and I think the rest of them are ready to hang up their hats on that venture.

Let's start something different, like Jew Jive Thursday...