Monday, April 18, 2005

The Madam and Her Whores

There's a lot of favors
I'm prepared to do
You do one for Mama
She'll do one for you.
Matron Mama Morton as sung by Queen Latifah in “When You're Good to Mama” from the movie Chicago

The National Rifle Association acts as the madam of a bordello overseeing all her whores otherwise known as politicians. The ethically void House Majority Leader Tom DeLay after having run to the safety of zealous Christians during the Terry Schiavo matter now takes refuge with Big Mama NRA.

Saturday DeLay ran into the arms of Big Mama, who takes care of her ladies – the politicians – by supplying an unending line of johns to support them, who then in turn scratch big mama’s back. DeLay was greeted with a standing ovation and his lack of ethics was blamed on democrats. It is rather surprising that during the NRA convention held in Houston that guns are not into the ceiling of the convention center since the attendees want to return to the days of the wild west and have everyone strap on a gun or tote a rifle in the cab of their pick-up truck.

Make no mistake Big Mama is generous. Gun rights groups have given more than $17 million in individual, PAC and soft money contributions to federal candidates and party committees since 1989. Nearly $15 million, or 85 percent of the total, has gone to Republicans.

While all the politicians of ill repute happily take the money from Big Mama, they look the other way at all the toys that the johns line up to buy. Exhibited at this gathering of whores and johns are such devices designed to reduce recoil on semiautomatic rifles, flash suppressors, and collapsible stocks for M-15 and AR-10 rifles that allow people of small stature to handle a weapon or hide one, high-capacity magazines to ensure assailants don’t run out of ammunition when high school students or gang members start shooting.

As NRA Chief Executive Wayne LaPierre to the crowd, “Let the enemies of freedom (anyone opposed to arming to the teeth) take notice, we in this room have beaten you and beaten you and beaten you for 25 years,”

Sadly, LaPierre is right. When very few politicians are willing to stand up to this organization of ill repute and myriad johns vote the way Big Mama tells them to this country will continue to see such statistics as the following from the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence:

In 1998, 30,708 people in the United States died from firearm-related deaths - 12,102 (39%) of those were murdered; 17,424 (57%) were suicides; 866 (3%) were accidents; and in 316 (1%) the intent was unknown. In comparison, 33,651 Americans were killed in the Korean War and, 58,193 Americans were killed in the Vietnam War.

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