Sunday, April 17, 2005

The Misanthrope – Sunday’s Lighter Side

No sooner is it a little calmer with me than it is almost too calm. As though I have a true feeling of myself only when am unbearably unhappy. That is probably true, too.
Franz Kafka (1883 - 1924), writer

Super Heroes. I got the biggest kick out of watching our numbers spin upward similar to the dollars signs on the gas pump. I have not been into comic books since I used to read Archie, Richie Rich, and Sad Sack. However, B2 has given me an appreciation of the graphic novel. I appreciate it, but I still can’t get into it. But, I am happy as hell that 9,000 others still enjoy comics. However, I have to admit that the Rifleman cover below is a crackup.

Modern Day Vultures. I drive 40 miles each way to work and traffic is always an issue. The other morning, the traffic reports had no mention of any accidents before I left the house, but when I spotted four helicopters hovering and one airplane circling over a stretch of freeway coming up, I knew I was in trouble. There was an accident and the airborne reporters were filming every inch of what was happening. A deadly accident happened Thursday morning when some clamp fell off a truck on the overpass to the highway below tragically killing two people. The freeway I take was shut down and traffic was a mess, thankfully, I was one less car diverted off the nearest exit that morning.

Compliments. Toner Mishap received a few compliments during our short but fun run up of hits. I have to say it is always nice to hear those things and it is my pleasure to share the blog with two intelligent and clever guys. I am getting too soft here; I need to complain about something. The neighbors behind us have been rather quiet so far this spring. I figured out how to calm the wooly mammoth next door. I only pump the pellet gun a couple of times and the sting from the pellet shuts him up. Just kidding. Wife would take aim at me if I ever did anything that mean. I don’t own a pellet gun, not even a squirt gun. I just yell quiet a few dozen times and he eventually calms down.

Dodgers. I hate the Dodgers this season because the owner is such a louse and what happens? The Dodgers have the best record in baseball thus far. I don't care if they don't lose another game all season, I will continue to root against them.

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