Thursday, July 28, 2005

B2 On the Road:
Crazy Naked Guy

I'm not sure that I can add any comment to this photo that would do it justice. Click it if you want to see the whole photo (there's so much more of him to love).


bitchphd said...

God, I love California.

Chandira said...

Why? Why did I clck? I didn't at ALL want to see more of him, but something impelled me..

I'm glad it was Callistoga, not Santa Fe.. I'm there next weekend, been doing lots of travelling lately.

Astrid said...

I think if I would bike around looking like this, I would cause traffic-accidents!!!

Astrid said...

Oh, but then again, with all the stuff on the bike, I would probably hardly be able to bike. I would get on and fall on the ground again in no time!!!