Friday, July 15, 2005

The Oslo Syndrome

Rick Richman's Jewish Current Issues has a great post today about Kenneth Levin's new book titled The Oslo Syndrome, which compares Israel and the Palestinian terrorists to hostages and their captor, or a battered wife and her husband.

You'll probably want to read the full post (it's short), but enjoy this excerpt from a similarly-themed piece by Douglas Feith:
[Many] supporters [of the Oslo peace process] -- like so many distraught battered wives -- simply cannot be persuaded that there is no romance, there is no peace process. And despite Arafat’s cynicism, contempt and hostility they cannot be persuaded that their man Arafat -- their ‘peace partner’ – is a gangster and a liar who is just no damn good... This kind of irrationality is bad enough in a relationship between two private people. It can be disastrous if it dominates the national security policy-making of a state.


someguy said...

Excellent post and site, B2. I'll bookmark it for sure. Thanks.

Rick said...

Thanks for the link -- very important book, much broader in scope than Oslo.