Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Trophies are delicious.

Trophies must be extremely tasty. They must be, because how else do you explain the spate of trophy-kissing going around. I noticed this phenomenon first when Christie Kerr won a golf tournament and was caught smooching the almost obscene-looking trophy:

Then I found out that it wasn't just the shape of this particular trophy; many athletes find their trophies to be so alluring that they can't resist a little lip action.


Devo said...

Mmmmmm... troooophy.... it's like sweet sweet brains for zombies.

On a tenuously related note, I wish they'd shape more trophies like naughty bits. It would make things just a touch more exciting. That, and the players would have so much more to compete for.

Chandira said...

LOL, yeah, taht is one obscene trophy!! How did they get away with that, when Janet J's boob caused so much offense??? WTF??

This country is truly schizophrenic..

Steven Taylor said...

I like what David Robinson said (I think it was after the Spurs won their first championship in 99) when he was asked why he wouldn't kiss the NBA trophy for the cameras: "I only kiss things that kiss back." (or something along those lines).