Saturday, July 16, 2005

Cool Hand Luke Redux

"Small town, not much to do in the evenin'. "
Cool Hand Luke, 1967 Paul Newman movie. Luke, explaining why he cut off the heads of parking meters

I read this story and could not help thinking of the movie Cool Hand Luke with Paul Newman.

Police in Casselberry, Florida arrested a drunken driver who knocked over 17 street signs in a neighborhood near State Road 436 early last week. Now, think of Luke (Newman) cutting the heads off of parking meters, as I recall it was because he was drunk and wanted to, as the movie opens.

This driver, 26-year-old Phillip Strange, did it on a dare, apparently. Someone offered him $45 to knock over the signs. He succeeded. Strange knocked over 17 signs in a 10 block radius.

Then with a sock over his head, Strange, who is living up to his last name, walked out while the police were mulling over the one of the knocked down signs, with a sock over his head and said, “I’m the one you want. I’m right here.”

Strange was charged with driving under the influence, criminal mischief, and driving with a suspended license.

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