Monday, July 11, 2005

Time Capsule

For the next two weeks I'll be guest-blogging over at Pillage Idiot; Attila is on vacation in the Holy Land, and extended the flattering invite. I'll be cross-posting some of what I post over here, and this meme seemed a good way to introduce myself to his audience (and maybe share a little more with you, my favorite readers.

Ten Years Ago
Having just arrived in Israel with my wife in May, 1995, we are slowly getting acclimated to living in Jerusalem. In the ten months to come, the Prime Minister will be assassinated by a crazy right-winger, and terrorists will blow up buses all over the city we live in. We will not, contrary to what the United States consulate tells us to do, return to the States. It is an incredible year, and it is hard to leave for our next stop... Cincinnati, Ohio.

Five Years Ago
Our first daughter is now just over one year old, and we have started to even get a little sleep at nights. She is a colicky baby, and we are still living (temporarily) at my in-laws' house, while we try to find a home in Southern California that we can afford. (OK, actually, while my wife tries to find us a home -- which she does, and which we still live in and love.)

One Year Ago
Three daughters, two dogs, a house, two cars... we are just such a typical American family. Sort of. We have decided that three is most likely enough kids. Our oldest will be starting kindergarten soon -- it's hard to believe that we have a child old enough to attend actual school.

Morning: took middle kid to a birthday party. Noon: met the rest of the family, and in-laws, at Mexican restaurant. Afternoon: took the two older girls out to the front and washed my car; the car didn't really get clean, but we had a great time enjoying our sponge fight. Evening: bath for all three kids, simultaneously. Night: wife and I watch "Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle" for free -- and afterward, in retrospect, we are glad it was free.

This morning we went to Target, which consists of my wife shopping and my trying to keep the kids from hanging from the cart and visiting the Target bathroom so the girls can "tinkle." After lunch we cleaned up the backyard and moved the swingset. I put the kids down for naps and saw "Batman Begins" at the local IMAX, then we had the in-laws over for barbequed tri-tip, watched an episode of "Dora the Explorer," and here I am typing instead of chatting with the wife (note to self: quit typing!).

Back to work.

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Anonymous said...

Next time I complain that you express yourself better on-line than to me, remind me that you moved the swingset and the umbrella and the play house and a shelving unit all over the yard without a single complaint, when you certainly had the right to as I sat in my lawn chair directing you. You could not write a clearer expression of love.