Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Congratulations London!

Here out of the window it was a most pleasant sight to see the City from one end to the other with a glory about it, so high was the light of the bonfires, and so thick round the City, and the bells rang everywhere.
Samuel Pepys (1633 - 1703), English diarist and civil servant. Describing the celebrations in London at the end of the Commonwealth.

The 2012 Summer Olympics will be held in London. The last time the Olympics were held in London was 1948 and prior to that in 1908. The seven years remaining will at least give the English a chance to improve their cooking.

I have to believe somewhere there was a message to France somewhere in the selection.

The final vote was 54-50 in favor of London, and although Paris had been widely believed to be the favorite, the French capital did not win a single round in the four stages of voting. The other finalists for the 2012 Games, Moscow, Madrid and New York, had been knocked out in earlier rounds of voting by I.O.C. members today.

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