Thursday, February 24, 2005

Awarding the Rings

No more tears now; I will think upon revenge.
Mary Stuart (1542–87), Queen of Scotland

I love baseball. It’s simultaneously nostalgic and current while the action takes place between the lines. Last year was a storybook finish for all the baseball fans who tire of the New York Yankees being the dominate team. As you recall, the Boston Red Sox came back from three games down to beat the hated Yankees.

However, if the Red Sox’s continue to bask in their glory, they may be sorry. The plan is to award the World Series rings in front of the all-star Yankees, since their home opener is against the Bronx Bombers. One of the rules of competition in all sports is not to say anything the opposition can hang on the locker to inspire them. This ceremony will only serve to motivate the Yankees throughout the year.

Here is my first prediction of the coming baseball season: look for the Yankees to have the best record in baseball this year, I’d say ever, but their pitching will have to hold up all season.


On The Mark said...

I love it. Boston has been eating Yankee sarcasm and shouted superiority for decades. And you have to believe they were talking trash right up to the point where they only needed one more out.

In their face, just like it should be. Great theater, too. Johnson-Schilling/Yankees-Red Sox on opening day. Can't get any better than that.

Yankees will be fighting for the Wild Card, and may not make it.

Janet said...

And here is my first prediction of the baseball season. I won't be watching.:)