Saturday, February 05, 2005


We at Toner Mishap are pleased to share with you, our faithful readers, some of the search strings that have brought people to these hallowed hyperspace halls. In no particular order, here are some of our favorites:

donna frey lawsuit

botulism evolution

san mateo prosecutors

media sciences toner unhappy customer

selby tigers droid


fishheads mp3

chewie the rookie wookie

Rationalization may be defined as self-deception by reasoning


boogeyman theme song pray that you will stay alive

jennifer aniston in a thong [thanks, Hector Vex -- this is in one of your comments]

i could never mix vigilance and sex [a William S. Burroughs quote]

marriage amendement

i am chewbacca mp3

Monderman [a Netherlands Google search]

frivolous asbestos

actress learning to smoke

inauguration costs humvee

And, if you're interested, see the top Google searches for 2004 right here.


Chandira said...

Oh boy!! I should do that. I remember one of mine was "Nazi Ghosts".. "Bush Anti-Christ" Another was "Manson SS"...

Thanks for the birthday wishes.. Nice gettinig to know you guys. :-)

Jack's Shack said...

Pretty cool stuff

Hector Vex said...

Ok - where the hell do you track that shit? I bet I got some wicked searches landing people on my blog.

By the way, here's some more keywords to bring visitors:

Brad Pitt licking the inside of a naked Angelina Jolie's thighs and ass while a surreal life and real world producer watch Flava Flav eat out Brigette Neilson.

Have a nice day guys.