Thursday, February 17, 2005

Bugs Bunny, R.I.P.

And so I bid a fond farewell to my favorite Warner Brothers cartoon characters, as they are "reimagined" for a new WB show. For if the new Bugs (now named "Buzz," and shown above next to his downsized precursor) is any indicator, I will not be amused nor entertained.

The new show, "Loonatics," is set 700 years in the future. Bugs, Daffy, et al are given superpowers and tight-fitting, slenderizing space gear. The New York Post was clearly as upset as I: "Apparently, falling anvils and exploding cigars are no longer enough to keep kids 6 to 11 years old entertained."

We are glad Chuck Jones is not alive to see this.



On The Mark said...

I had the chance to work with Chuck Jones for a couple years. I even tried to get Looney Tunes into movie theaters, like the old days where you saw cartoons before the movie. I can guarantee that he is spinning in his grave right now.

Hector Vex said...

When I ask my kids what their favorite cartoon is, with all the other crap out there - they say Looney Tunes. Fuck that newfangled shit - it'll fail like everything else and there will still be looney tunes. Bastards.

Chandira said...

Oh, NOooooo!!! I'm with Hector on that one.

Hector, d'you really look like David Hasslehoff?? :p

On The Mark said...

BTW, Chandira, since you're asking, people tell me I look like Johnny Depp. I get asked for autographs all the time.