Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Israel Releases Prisoners, Immediately Regrets It

Palestinian Man Celebrates His Brother's Release from Israeli Jail by Shooting Bystanders

According to a preliminary investigation conducted by the Palestinian Center for Human Rights, the incident occurred when Eyad Tawfiq, 30, arrived at his house in the village after he had been released from jail.

His brother-in-law, 28-year-old Haibat Taha, welcomed him by firing into the air from his M16 rifle. When he put the rifle back on his shoulder, a number of live bullets hit four men standing nearby.

[Thanks, Jawa Report, for pointing us toward this article!]


The Misanthrope said...

I am glad someone finally reported on what the hell happens to all those bullets flying straight up. I asked that question a couple of months ago here. I suspect that there have been many others killed by celebratory bullets as well.

eyerocker said...

now aren't we glad this happened...i know i am, four less idiots in the world. i do wonder tho if they get the 72 virgin bonus.