Sunday, February 27, 2005

Misanthrope – Sunday’s Lighter Side

Our awards are the best-kept secret in America, with the possible exception of what George W. Bush did in the '70s.
Billy Crystal, comedian

Hollywood – The following are my Oscar picks if I were betting in Las Vegas. Those in parentheses are who I think should win:
Best Picture – Million Dollar Baby (Sideways )
Best Director – Martin Scorsese (Alexander Payne)
Best Actor – Jamie Foxx (Don Cheadle)
Best Actress – Imelda Staunton
Best Supporting Actor – Morgan Freeman (Thomas Haden Church)
Best Supporting Actress – Cate Blanchett
Best Adapted Screenplay – Sideways
Best Original Screenplay – Vera Drake

Jazz – On The Mark and I went to The Vic, an intimate jazz club located in the heart of Santa Monica to see Tierney Sutton and we were very pleased. Sutton, I would say, is a jazz traditionalist in the style of a Carmen McRae or Sarah Vaughn. Sutton and her trio were simply outstanding. I was extremely tired (my alarm goes off at 4:30 every morning), but I love seeing late night jazz shows because that is how jazz should be enjoyed. I was very much energized afterward and not too tired the following Friday. If you like solid traditional, quality jazz, I highly recommend Tierney Sutton’s “Dancing in the Dark” CD.

Grocery Shopping – Have you ever noticed that people push their shopping carts similar to how they drive? They pull out of aisles without looking, peruse in the middle of the aisle blocking anyone else from passing. I found myself wanting to push my cart in front of the idiot just because I could and to let him know he was a jerk, but he’d probably miss the point.

Apples – Wife went to grocery store and picked up apples for me, which I usually do because I am rather fussy about my apples. I like the small Fuji apples; wife came home with Fuji apples the size of small baby heads. Unless you have the special jaw of a boa constrictor, how can one really eat such a large sized apple? I went out and picked out my favorites.

Downtown L.A. – For more than a month developers converting old office buildings to condominiums and lofts have been promoting a tour of their buildings. What a bust. The buildings were not finished. The best they could do was allow people to go up to one of the floors and see the view, as if the people going there didn’t already work downtown. I can tell you rather confidently that we will not be moving downtown anytime soon.


B2 said...

Wow - that's two out of three bloggers on Toner Mishap that prefer small Fujis to all other apples. Shall we try for three? How about it, On the Mark?

On The Mark said...

Plus shopping carts don't have windshield washers that you can use to piss off the guy behind you.

On The Mark said...

I don't even know what the hell Fujis apples are. I like mine big, red, hard and polished. They're from Washington state I believe. Buy American, I say, not something from an island somewhere in the Pacific :).

On The Mark said...

B2 -- Do Fuji apples cure White Trash Wednesdays?

Janet said...

See, I wasn't "wowed" by Sideways, though it would be a kick to watch Lowell walk away with an Oscar.:)

The Misanthrope said...

I agree Lowell would be a kick to see win. It's interesting that most women didn't care for Sideways. I really thought it was a women's movie. But, I guess MSD was.