Sunday, February 06, 2005

The Misanthrope ---– Sunday’s Lighter Side Still Basking in Daughter’s Excitement

"What's the real difference between Republicans and Democrats?. Let me tell ya the real difference ... Republicans will always take on people in the interest of power and good democrats will never fear to take on the power in the interests of people."
James Carville, Political Strategist

Presidential Aftermath. The excitement from Daughter meeting former President Bill Clinton is only now beginning to fade. I have to admit that I re-read my post and looked at the picture of Daughter with Clinton myriad times throughout the week. To all who commented thank you. Also, I was pleasantly surprised and felt honored that Poliblog, a readable and reasonable right-wing blog even posted a piece about the proud dad linking back to Toner Mishap. Thank you again.

Now that Daughter has her sites set on the White House (for the one or two Republicans that read our site, you can relax a bit, Daughter thinks Dad is a bit too liberal, at least socially), she has already begun planning strategy for her pursuit of being the leader of the free world.

She met Democratic political strategist James Carville shortly after meeting Clinton. While Daughter was breathlessly telling me about Clinton, Carville walked by smiling overhearing Daughter all excited talking to her dad. She recognized Carville, but couldn’t think of his name. She ran up to Carville, introduced herself, and said she hung up from her dad to talk with him. He said that his kids hang up from him like that too. “Tell your dad I said hello.” He continued to chat with Daughter for about five minutes. He too was very nice and polite with the girls. I sent a quick thank you note to Carville’s Web site.

Here is Daughter’s version of events last weekend in a letter she sent to various family members and friends:

So let me set the scene for you:
My friends (Megan and Emily) and I had made reservations for tea at the Ritz about two weeks prior. Megan and I had just spent the day at St. Paul's Cathedral, which is breathtaking! We were meeting up with Emily for tea at 5:30 in front of the Ritz. We walked in and waited a few minutes for the room to open, when the piano music started, we formed a line and were seated. The atmosphere was great. I felt like I was truly British; I even threw in the accent here and there to illustrate the point. We had unlimited finger sandwiches, scones and desserts. We took full advantage of the unlimited part. I think we had five pots of tea! The food was delicious and the surroundings gorgeous!

When we finished up, we were one among the last to leave. We went to the bathroom afterwards because we all had too much tea. We also wanted to take pictures of the pretty bathroom. We got our coats and headed toward the exit. The doorman would not let us through the lobby. I whispered to Emily "it is probably some stuck up businessman." Then upon closer inspection, I saw James Carville and the profile of Clinton (the nose it is hard to miss!). I felt like I was in a cartoon, my jaw seemed to drop all the way to the floor. Then the doorman let us through. I was the first one out and made sure to walk very slowly. Mind you, it was only my friends, another lady, Clinton’s entourage and me. I stood right next to the Secrete Service agent and asked him if I could stand there and if I could meet him. He told me sure "if he stops for you and you stay out of the way."

That wasn't good enough for me. So when Clinton started to walk toward the door I fairly loudly said, "Excuse Mr. President" and he casually walked over to me and I stuck my hand out and said "Hello, I am Lindsey nice to meet you" he replied "Hello, Lindsey nice to meet you (while shaking my hand). Where are you from?" I said California. I made sure to have my camera handy and I said, "If it is not too much trouble would you take a picture with me?" He grabbed my camera and the Secret Service agent said, "Sir we are running late for dinner" Clinton replied by handing him the camera and said, "Take a picture with me and these ladies." After he was finished with our picture, he walked out and got into his Suburban. I stood on the steps with the BIGGEST smile ever and waved goodbye to him. I couldn't tell if he was waving back, but I like to think that he was.
Daughter is on her way to Scotland next weekend and Ireland the weekend after that.

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