Thursday, February 10, 2005

Thank you, American Airlines.

Thank you, American Airlines.

Thank you for reminding me that we Americans are too complacent, and too comfortable with the status quo. Thank you for reminding me that change is necessary, change is inevitable, and change is good.

Thank you for reminding me that physical pleasure is transitory and, in the long run, unsatisfying. Thank you for reminding me that pursuits of the intellect are not helped, and are often hindered, by indulgences of the flesh.

Thank you, American Airlines, for reminding me that true enlightenment can only come when I free myself of an unhealthy reliance on the crutch of comfort. Thank you for reminding me that satori is a state of mind, a mental state -- not a physical one.

[Source: American Airlines eliminates pillows on domestic flights.]


Andrew Andrew said...

Perhaps we're all better off not using the pillows if "business flier Tom Taylor of Lansing, Mich.," is going to be using them to cushion his derriere from the perils of an AA seat.

Hector Vex said...

Comics Blogs? What's up with that? I ain't a comic blog. I'm slighty insulted...

And those pillows sucked anyways. They were like three wadded up kleenexes. The only thing they were good for was putting over the stewardesses mouth so she doesn't scream when you're giving her a nice hard f-ing in the bathroom. Those bitches can get loud at 30,000 feet.

B2 said...

Hector, where else can we put you? In a category called "Bloggers whi swear and curse about anything and always manage to include sexual innuendo"?

On The Mark said...

Those pillows were nothing more than an annoyance anyway. Plus I never wanted one of them near my face.