Friday, February 18, 2005

My wife bought eleven bottles of seltzer this week.

My wife is not, I should say, a carbonation junkie on a bender. Nor is she a freak about coupons, buying only what is on sale and thereby creating a maelstrom of random food purchases that result in weeks on end where the only meal is beef jerky and Spaghetti-Os served on commemorative dog breed china. She doesn't own stock in the seltzer-producing company, and neither does she need the bottles for an arts-and-crafts project with the kids.

She doesn't even drink seltzer.

My wife knows, however, that I like seltzer. She knows that I add it to any and all juices (and she knows about my pathological fear of orange juice). She knows that sometimes I get a late-night craving for an egg cream. And she knows that our local grocery store often runs out of seltzer, and that I am therefore often forced to subsist on non-spritzy beverages for weeks at a time.

So her special trip to the further-away grocery store to purchase eleven bottles of seltzer was, I believe, and act of pure love.

I hope she knows how much I appreciate such efforts on her part to make me happy -- and this is really the least of such efforts. And I hope she knows I try to do the same for her.

And I hope she understands that I have only just now thought to thank her properly and tell her I love her. And I hope she doesn't hold it against me that I am doing so on my blog.


Jack's Shack said...

I like Seltzer. Yum.

On The Mark said...

It's becoming more apparent every day that, if it weren't for this blog, you and your wife would not be communicating :).

B2 said...

Let me clear this up, just to set the record straight (argh -- two bad cliches in a row).

My wife and I were high school sweethearts, and have been married for more than ten years. I could not be any deeper in love with her (though that's what I think every year, and every year I love her more than the last). She is my one true love -- my destiny, my bashert. And I do communicate with her, even regularly. And I tell here these things (stay tuned to this space for rebuttal, if she disagrees).

But this blog has been a nice suplemental way to interact with her in another fashion... like when we were kids and wrote letters or talked on the phone all the time. So this is a new part or our relationship, and not a replacement for actual interaction.

P.S. Wife, if you're listening -- I love you.

On The Mark said...

I was just joking, thus the happy face, which I very rarely do because it's silly. However, I didn't realize Valentine's Day had now become Valentine's Week :) :) :). Perhaps you should start an "I Love You, Sweetheart" blog?