Monday, February 14, 2005

More Fun with Google

More search strings by virtue of which we at Toner Mishap have attracted additional readers:
Dan Rather mishap
Chewbacca mp3
Emanuel Godwin
brian dilkes blog
The Misanthrope
tabasco bikini
roly poly fish head
jibjab second term
neil kleid
tabasco super bowl
songs from Star Wars
paul femforce
hostess twinkies
hammering hank
i am chewbacca
batman origin jay pinkerton
nuclear threat exaggerated
canadian car brill
Zach Braff interview
the hamas representative
And, perhaps the longest search string yet used to find us: "boogeyman when you see him count to five pray that you will stay alive." I don't know what to make of that.

1 comment:

Chandira said...

LOL.. SIince you last posted that, I've been keeping an eye on mine. Here are some.

'Nazi Ghosts'
'mailing list opt out info'
'Norman Brennan'
'fuck the'