Monday, February 28, 2005

The Secret Life of Moody Cows

Once they were a byword for mindless docility. But cows have a secret mental life in which they bear grudges, nurture friendships and become excited over intellectual challenges, scientists have found.

I just couldn't resist excerpting this article from Britain's Sunday Times.


Hector Vex said...

Cow1: Look at Murray over there. That bastard thinks he's so great.
Cow2: Why?
Cow1: Because the farmer said he'll make a great interior for a mercedes.
Cow2: What's a mercedes?
Cow1: I don't know, but it's better than your first basemans glove hide.
Cow2: That fucker!

Janet said...

Any research on how they really feel towards cow tipping?

P.S.- I think cow tipping is really cruel btw.

eliseo jr said...

Your blog simotamiouly with the funk cd I just put in made my day.
Thank you

wife said...

I guess this proves that the California cheese commercials are not so far off from reality.

pia said...

To embelish a bit--soon we'll have a movement not to put down cows with mad cow disease because they have feelings too

I sick of me

Chandira said...

Yes Pia, cows DO have feelings. They are sentient, self-aware beings, more intelligent than a lot of the people I know. :-)
I grew up in the country, living next to a field of cows. I loved them.
California cheese? I've never seen a cow in all the times I've been there. Where do they get the milk? I'm confused.. I saw zebras there one time in a field, but no cows.

The Misanthrope said...

There are hundreds of cows somewhere on I-5 between Valencia and before Sacramento all waiting to become McDonald Quarterpounders. Oh god, I sound like Hector.

B2 said...

If you really sounded like Hector you'd be suggesting having sexual relations with the cows prior to consuming their flesh.

On The Mark said...

Misanthrope: The reason you don't sound like Hector is because it's not sarcasm or humor. There ARE tens of thousands of cows at that location waiting to be slaughtered.

Johnna said...

I sent the link about the cows (the moody, gay nymphomaniacal cows, that is) to a friend of mine who responded with a link to an article about gay German penguins and the controversy a zoo is facing as they try to 'convert' their gay penguins.,2763,1414804,00.html