Monday, February 28, 2005

Star Wars Fans That Try Too Hard... Or Not Hard Enough?

Here's a tip, Boba Fett: tomorrow when you wake up, look yourself in the mirror and repeat this phrase: "Today is the day I move out of my mother's house."

Check out more Star Wars fans, blissfully unaware that their photos would later be the cause of merciless teasing and perhaps some ass-kicking.

[With thanks to Byzantium's Shores.]


Hector Vex said...

You're just sore cause your Boba Fett outfit doesn't fit you any more.

Chandira said...

"Save me the trouble and kick your own ass".. I loved that line.
Those are some sad bastards..

blogdog said...

Wicked funny, in a twisted sense. I spent a few shameful years as a historical re-enactor (but I got better!), and the overlap between that "culture" and the sci-fi fan culture is larger than I dare contemplate. Sppoky, spooky. If you really want to scare yourself silly, watch the movie "Trekkies," and be very afraid that there is a sequel coming out. Honest.

Misanthrope, don't waste your time with The Da Vinci Code, in spite of the hype. It's terrible, predictable, with bad art history and bad investigative techniques. Read it if you like to scream, though.