Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Axis of Evil

I don't want to jump on the war bandwagon -- not yet, anyway -- but Yahoo is reporting that Syria and Iran have announced intentions to "build a common front." And though I lean left (as you all know), I have always acknowledged that these two countries are bad news. This was important enough to me that I am leaching time away from my lunch hour to post this.



The Misanthrope said...

They are creating a common front because they have a common enemy. We have created possibly more problems with how we have gone about this entire Middle East situation from the very beginning.

Aurelius said...

I'm assuming that the writers of this blog are North American, and I know that US administrations since the Iranian revolution have been anti-Iran. But as someone from a country that still does have diplomatic relations with Iran, (indeed I have friends who have served in the Australian embassy in Tehran) I'm wondering what is meant here by these countries being bad news?
The current Iranian administration does not seem (to a casual observer in a non-American, non-Arabic country) to me to be doing anything particularly hostile. There seems to be sabre-rattling in both Washington and Tehran toward each other, but nothing out of the ordinary.
(This isn't a troll, I'm a regular reader of this blog, and was hoping for the "North American perspective")
In the last decade, since the sponsoring of terrorism has fallen away in the administrations of both Damascus and Tehran, and new leaderships have established in both countries, what is the ongoing tension stemming from?

B2 said...

Syria sponsors terrorism. Iran sponsors terrorism. Bad news.

The Misanthrope said...

Aurelius, thank you for being a regular reader. Iran and Syria are countries that sponsor and encourage terrorism and anti-U.S. and Israel stances. The U.S. has policies that anger many in the Middle East. For example, we supported the Shah in Iran, and he was no saint, but he was a U.S. puppet.

However, I would caution you against getting your news from us, while we are well informed we are not reporters or journalists, simply pundits offering our opinions on the news and we are hopeful providing you with something else to ponder. While we think we are being fair, we know that our leanings are to the left of the current powers that be.