Friday, February 18, 2005

I Believe, I Believe!

There is no arguing with the pretenders to a divine knowledge and to a divine mission. They are possessed with the sin of pride, they have yielded to the perennial temptation.
Walter Lippmann (1889–1974), journalist

I believe it is time for religious leaders who are involved in politics to pay taxes just as any non-religious person is suppose to do. In order to receive their tax deduction, they cannot advocate a political position from the pulpit.

Evangelist Pat Robertson continues to vent politically without paying his share of taxes. The other day he basically threatened Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist to get Bush’s judges confirmed or the religious-right support would not be there.

According to the report, Robertson said to the evangelicals, the number one consideration is unelected judges who are largely responsible for laws on abortion, gay marriage and Internet pornography.

Of course Robertson let his threats fly while at the National Press Club, but let’s face facts, this man of God appears to be a charlatan. He is entitled to his free speech, but I believe he has crossed the line from non-profit to profitable speech.


B2's wife said...

While I am no fan of Robertson, his threat is in effecct empty, as who else would the right support if not Bush, they have no other viable alternative.

But I do believe that religious leaders are entitled to make a connection between their morals and politics, not to say from the pulpit that a "good Jew" or a "good Christian" would vote a certain way, but to educate about the values of a religion so people can come to their own conclusions. Granted, this can lead to some taking advantage and going so far as to decleare they are spouting God's opinion on politics, but that is not enough of a reason for an individual not to consider their religious values or for clergy not to teach about them.

I agree that there is abuse in the parsonage system, and really those that abuse it ruin it for the rest of us.

B2 said...

Did I marry well, or what?

The Misanthrope said...

Sorry I didn't respond sooner, the day job has kept me busy.

I believe that Robertson was referring to the 2006 mid-term elections.

I suppose that when people are in church, temple, mosque or whatever they are called sheep for a reason, since they have a propensity to follow blindly.

B2, yes you did. What is nice is that you both feel the same.