Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Why My In-Laws Should Not Have a Computer – Part 1

My wife told me about a conversation she had with her mother the other day; I’m pleased to share it with you, written in the conceit of direct quotes (though, of course, I’m merely paraphrasing what I barely remember).
Mother-in-Law: [Telephoning my wife] Hi, it’s me.

Wife: Hi, Mom. What’s up?

Mother-in-Law: I need your advice. I’m checking my email...

Wife: [Trying not to groan] Uh-huh.

Mother-in-Law: ...and I keep getting all these emails about deals on prescription drugs. Every day, and I get so many!

Wife: Yeah, I know.

Mother-in-Law: So how do I know which one to pick?

Wife: [Incredulously] Um, mom, you know that’s spam, right? Like the emails you get telling you how to get a larger [expletive deleted] and a cheaper mortgage?

Mother-in-Law: [After a pause] I can get a cheaper mortgage?


Esther said...

oh boy .... wait until the pc gets the first pc, or something break.
I've had the pleasure of trying to explain, over the phone, how to use google. You're not allowed to use terms like "url" or "icon"

IWByte said...

Uh oh, B2, what if your mother-in-law finds this blog, and then reads... oh, wait. Never mind...

Hector Vex said...

Notice she didn't mention anything about the oft-spam emails containing penial enlargement drugs. She's probably on her way to ordering the best ones for your father-in-law. There's a nice thought for you.

wife said...

You are surprisingly close to the actual conversation, although I did not use an expletive, I used the word penis.
In her defense, she did "call Canada" first to see if she can get her prescriptions cheaper.
And B2, you know this is not out of character for her, you must remember her trying to buy prescriptions in Mexico. Now that I think of it, you are not so far off in thinking you could have an entire blog of why my parents should not have prescription drugs either.

BTW, I did talk her out of responding to any of those e-mails, I could have told her to call and ask you.

B2 said...

Well, wife, thank you for not passing her off to me, as you certainly could have done. And yes, there are plans for continuing adventures of the in-laws. As iwbyte pointed out, it's unlikely that they'll stumble upon this blog and discover my commentaries on their lives.

P.S. Dontcha like the new comments system? No more anonymous for you!

wife said...

Yes about the new comment system.
But perhaps we should find a better way to communicate with each other besides commenting on your blog.

On The Mark said...

Jeez, you guys are over here, too! Get a job!