Tuesday, February 01, 2005

On The Mark -- Read the Fine Print

The United States announced this weekend that it will be invading Iran. What?! you say. I didn't see or read that story anywhere.

It was buried in the fine print, deep in the paper, in a small corner, boxed story. The headline: "Halliburton Will Withdraw from Energy Projects in Iran." The article stated that the company will withdraw all of its employees and end its business activities.

The company's chief executive said, "The business environment currently in Iran is not conducive to our overall strategy and objectives." Or, simply translated, he's been told to get out while you can to 1) protect your employees and business assets, and 2) so there will be enough time lapsed between your departure and the invasion so it won't look like you were aiding the enemy.

Of course, one could wonder what they're doing in Iran in the first place since there are sanctions against American companies to work there. But, unsurprisingly, they have been able to circumvent those sanctions through a Dubai unit registered in the Cayman Islands. I mean, come on, but that's for another rant at another time.

In the meantime, as they always tell you in business, make sure you read the fine print for the real story.


Anonymous said...

Will we say, "we read it at Toner Mishap first"?

The Misanthrope said...
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Chandira said...

Wow. Not being paranoid, I'm prone to doubt that. Living in Bush's America, I'm prone to believe it.

The Misanthrope said...

Removed by a blog administrator. Wow, I just wanted to fix a typo. We suspect that unfortunately, one could look back at this post and say we told you so. However, we have been first from time to time to comment on news events before the major media gets around to it.

Kung Pow Pig said...

Well...I think you have just scared the living sh!t out of me. Not that that's anything new. Now it is on par with my morning alarm going on by accident over the weekend.

Nice deduction, by the by.