Sunday, February 06, 2005

On The Mark -- Super Bowl Ads (for those who give a damn)

My picks:

1. MBNA -- Gladys Knight Rugby -- Gladys leaping into the end zone (or whatever it is in rugby) and seeing her tush jiggle

2. Happy Birthday, Jack-in-the Box pull-string doll

3. Bud Light, Al Pacino Scarface impression (bird protecting girl from pick-up artists in bar)

The winner of the "in-my-dreams-I-wish-squirm-in-my-seat" ad: Tabasco bikini

Last year at this time I was sitting in a bistro on Boulevard St. Germain on the Left Bank in Paris enjoying a roasted chicken with pomme frites and a burgundy. I missed the whole Janet Jackson nipple hoopla. I would have done anything to be there again instead of watching this game.

McNabb needs to watch a few Elway/Montana tapes. That was the worst two-minute drill in the history of football. Hurry-up offense, huh? What's that?


The Misanthrope said...

I don't give a damn. But, since you asked, I liked the beer ad with Cedric who was dreaming of being on an island with two women and then changed his mind and decided it was better to have a BBQ and a dog.

On The Mark said...

You're right. I forgot about that one. I think a lot of men could relate to that one.