Thursday, June 02, 2005

As Good As Lord of the Rings, Except for the Writing

Orson Scott Card, perhaps best known for his novel "Ender's Game" and the Xanth-like fruitfulness of its sequels, has written an insightful review of "Revenge of the Sith" and, in passing, its creator as well. Card takes Lucas to task (he titled the article "As Good As Lord of the Rings, Except for the Writing"), but is clearly still a fan:
Even though the characterization is nonexistent, the relationships like a seven-year-old's impression of how grownups act, the politics clearly the product of a mind that has never grasped history, and the science at the 'How can rivers flow north?' level, the underlying saga still manages to touch a chord.
Read the whole review here. (Thanks, PoliBlog!)

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Devo said...

That truly IS a great review and appraisal of what I, at least, thought of the whole series. And interestingly enough, many of the themes Card touches on in his review are applicable to certain other individuals who convince themselves that what they're doing is RIGHT, even if it is a bit... extreme. They are applicable to certain other individuals who surround themselves with admiring sycophants who offer up little more feedback on ideas than than "Yes sir, wonderful idea, sir" even though the ideas could seriously use some rational guidance. And finally, these certain individuals are all too able to convince themselves that the people love them.

Anyone else see the parallels? Or is my paranoia hat a bit too tight again?