Wednesday, June 22, 2005

What’s in Your Car?

The car has become the carapace, the protective and aggressive shell, of urban and suburban man.
Marshall McLuhan (1911 - 1980), sociologist

A friend told me her car was a mess and listed the items inside. I agree the car sounds like a mess. My car is usually very clean except for ATM receipts crinkled up and thrown on the floor in disgust with the pitiful totals revealed. I have a bottle of water and CD cases on the front seat. In the back seat is my fisherman’s hat from the rainy season that I have not taken out. If my car is too dirty On The Mark is Johnny on the spot to tell me it needs to be washed. I won’t mention that if he turned in all the Diet Coke cans from inside his car he’d have enough cash for a tropical vacation.

Here is the list from my friend’s car and part of her note:

My car was a disaster. I mean seriously a disaster! It looks like I was living in my car!!!

I had the following items in there:
1. Slippers
2. Baseball cap and mitt
3. Blow Dryer-2 hairbrushes
4. Empty garment bag
5. Pajamas
6. Tennis Shoes
7. Tank Tops
8. Exercise Mat
9. Empty water bottles

Similar to that rip off credit card company that is always advertising, What’s in your car?


Devo said...

Somehow I've managed to dodge the genetic bullet that is my father's penchant for a messy (and I mean messy) car. I was a bit of a packrat for a long time, but eventually I just got fed up, and decided to kinda clean it out every once in a while... Anyway, here's an approximation:

->2 CD wallets
->various CD cases I haven't gotten around to throwing away
->mini-bottle of Febreeze, for when the lost French Fries decide to start transmogrifying into stanky primordial goo
->A US Road Atlas from 2002
->old plastic water bottles
->crinkled up receipts from gas stations (NJ is full-service only, so we are always handed our receipts along with our debit cards when the transaction is over)
->me trusty Soggy Dollar Bar visor for keepin' the sun out on me way home (I open the sunroof)
->heaps of dust
->extra oil
->emergency kit

The Misanthrope said...

I forgot about the lost french fries that used to show up from time to time. However, traffic is so bad that I have quit eating in the car. Now it's mostly empty generic CD cases because I always make my own.

Anonymous said...

B2 has been known to complain about the state of my car. Among other things right now it contains:

3 empty ziplock bags
box of disposable bibs
2 packages of baby wipes
2 packages of kleenex
1 package of hand wipes
bunch of napkins
soup plantation coupons
bed, bath and beyond coupons
5 dirty pacifiers
2 clean pacifiers
child sippy cup
3 dirty kids t-shirts
earthquake kit
extra shoes
2 strollers
empty plastic bag to collect trash
remains of string cheese, sandwiches and pretzles
at least 2 childrens art projects
stack of preschool flyers and newsletters
dog leash
bottle of sunscreen
lip balm
stick sunscreen
Disney princess stickers
rubber bands, barettes and headbands
1 pair baby shoes
1 pair baby sandals
7 pairs baby socks
3 kids books
neck pillow
dog shaped neck pillow

B2's car on the other hand is immaculate, and he has always kept his car clean as long as I have known him (which is almost as long as he has been driving)

The Misanthrope said...

I am impressed that all the baby socks are in pairs. I can't even keep my socks at home in pairs -- they seem to sprout legs and purposely hide.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to list a set of purple dress up butterfly wings and a pink cape.

The socks are not exactly in pairs, the baby takes them off as soon as we get in the car and throws them.

On The Mark said...

I didn't know you could go on a tropical vacation for a dime. True, there was a time when DC cans collected in the back, but that was about 10 years ago. I now throw them into the garage before I leave in the morning.

Actually, I remember one year I did go to Acapulco using the DC cans that had collected over the years.