Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Disneyland Photography

I love my little digital camera. It's so small, I can take it anywhere, and I do. And I shoot everything. Here are some shots I took at the Happiest Place on Earth. I'll host a bunch here, but bandwidth demands that I put the rest on Flickr (each photo links to the larger Flickr image, and there are a whole bunch more here).


California Adventure




bitchphd said...

Wow, those are great!

Lorianne said...


Astrid said...

That's pretty groovy stuff! But did you get Mickey's autograph?

Tawcan said...

Cool pics!

Attila said...

Nice photos. Really nice.

But I have to say I totally despise Disney and everything connected with it. Can't exactly explain why. Probably something to do with how it ruined Winnie the Pooh, but maybe I can invent a political angle to it.

Chandira said...

Hey Atilla, I'm with you on the Pooh thing. I do dig Disney though. Mostly.

Cool pics!!

B2, so what was wife's dream about George and Laura? I'm curious..

Chandira said...

PS, Walt was a known mysogenist and anti-semite. Maybe that's it.

Anonymous said...

You blogged about my dream?!

B2 said...

Some responses to the crowd:

First, to my wife: I causally mentioned the content -- briefly -- in a comment on another blog. It was so innocuous that I thought it wouldn't matter.

Second, to those who deried Walt as a Nazi: I've heard the same story. But how can you not love Disneyland?

Third, Attila: the classic Pooh illustrations always struck me as more genuine and endearing than Disney's version, but my kids love it all, so I just bite the bullet.

Fourth, Chandira: the English major tucked away in my brain requires me to do this... the correct spelling is "misogynist."

The Misanthrope said...

B2, give Chandira a break. We have talked about typos in comments as very common, which does not mean they are acceptable, but certainly understandable. Unfortunately, there is no way to edit your comments after they are posted. I would stop commenting if everyone started correcting my comments.

Nice photos!

Chandira said...

Thanks Misanthrope, but I am a bad speller sometimes.. lol
As well as the godawful typos I leave all over the internet.

Wife, it's ok, he didn't tell me the actual content, just that you'd dreamed of throwing a dinner party for Dubya and Laura.. lol I'm sorry!

Your secrets are safe with us, anyhow.. ;-)

Attila said...

Not to beat a dead mouse, but I think Disney ruined Winnie the Pooh by making the characters too cloying. Anyone who's read the stories knows that there's a dark side to some of them, and that part is totally wiped out in Disney.

When my kids were small, I actually wrote a Milne ripoff Pooh story of my own. I'd post it, but Disney would probably sue the $&*^ out of me.

Anonymous said...

Anybody named Attila should write a damn good Pooh story!!! lol

Go on, share..