Thursday, June 23, 2005

Who's the sick one?

From Mystery Achievement:
A would-be female suicide bomber who planned to blow up at the Soroka Medical Center in Beersheba on Monday, the same hospital where she received treatment for burns this past year, was caught at the Erez crossing wearing explosives stitched to her underwear.


I read that her specific target was the doctor who helped her recover from her earlier burns. It's this kind of crazy thinking that leads me to wonder if there will ever be peace in the Middle East. The Misanthrope mentioned to me that perhaps she was seeking revenge against the doctor for preventing her death as a martyr. If that were the case, and to all people who find themselves in similar situations, here's my suggestion: the best revenge would be to just kill yourself, leaving the doctor to rue the day he or she wasted time trying to fix you up. Yes, I know -- less people die. But you'll get over it, crazy terrorist psycho. At least you'll be dead.


someguy said...

Thanks for linking and commenting, Isaac.

I hadn't noticed that she was going after the doctor. I guess when I saw the paragraph in the JPost article that she wanted to take out 40 or 50 people including as many children as possible, I found it hard to concentrate on the details.

As far as the martyrdom thing goes, I understood that she was burned in a cooking accident with a gas cannister. Maybe it was one of those things that Charles Johnson calls a "Palestinian Work Accident." With those people anything is possible.

The Misanthrope said...

With those people? With terrorists, with extremists okay, but "those people" makes you sound like an extremist.

someguy said...

misanthrope: By "those people," I mean the Palestinians.

Tell you what: If you can point out something they've created or exported besides blood and horror, I'll admit you're right.

The Israelis offer them life and healing. The Pals offer them mass murder in return. And Condi is offering them a state. All of the above gets me "extremely" agitated.

The Misanthrope said...

Someguy, I firmly believe that the majority of the Palestinians want a peaceful existence, but just like this country which was dragged into conflict with another country under false pretense, you cannot say all Americans are aggressive war mongers. Also, it should not matter one iota whether they manufacturer anything or not.

I am not discounting that there has been a lot of bloodshed that has originated from their. I am just against classifying every single Palestinian as a terrorist.

Anonymous said...

misanthrope: I firmly believe that the majority of the Palestinians want a peaceful existence

What is this belief based on? You may be right or you may be wrong but I suspect you just don't know. This particular mantra is repeated ad nauseum by supposedly enlightened people in the same way a believer recites his daily prayer. When you stop doing it and examine the facts you'll probably discover that the reality has nothing to do with myths.