Tuesday, June 21, 2005

On The Mark -- I Kept My Promise (hmmmmm)

Well, this Schiavo affair just won't go away. I've lambasted Jeb Bush for his stupid moves recently. But now Michael Schiavo, the husband of the deceased Terri Schiavo, has done something that raises my eyebrows because it seems very inappropriate to me. I don't agree with what Jeb's doing, but maybe there's more to Michael than we know.

Michael buried Terri's ashes in a cemetery, and on the grave marker he put the following inscription: "I Kept My Promise." If you ask me, that's not a comment to Terri, it's all about him. Terri's parents are very upset, and you can't blame them. Who would want to visit her grave and see that inscription, except Michael, of course? Is anybody advising this guy?

No wonder people like reality television so much. There's so much stupidity out there, how can it be anything other than entertaining, and sad?

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Jack Steiner said...

It does make you wonder. That comes off like an intentional slap in the face to her parents. Why would that be necessary.