Friday, June 03, 2005

Doritos Quotes Hillel;
Shammai Has No Comment

Saw it on television tonight, as I was preparing myself mentally for a day of giving back to the community (as part of my company's mandatory "good works" project) -- Doritos (a Frito-Lay product) has adopted Rabbi Hillel's famous statement as a marketing slogan:
If not now, when?
They've even got a website. [shiver]


Josh said...

They're ostensibly marketing being active, and just throwing in their product (in brackets like this) as an afterthought to make eating a fat-laden snack look like just an addtion to (your already active life).

But really, when they say "don't procrastinate" they mean, "Eat a bag of Doritos right now!"

Everyone who walks by on their website is skinny. Not an ounce of Dorito fat on anyone! Wow. It's amazing just how easily you can reposition a product which naturally gravitates toward couch-potatoes by appropriating religious wisdom.

Chandira said...

I wouldn't have known this was 'religious wisdom' though. Just a plain old social statement. Being as I'm not Jewish, I never would have known. Do Dorritos eaters have a mostly Jewish demographic? ;-)

That is scary site.. lol

Personally I'm waiting for the day McD's start with their new slogan, 'Love Thy Neigbour, buy them an Egg McMuffin!' Eeeeee...

Attila said...

Can you eat them while standing on one foot?