Thursday, June 09, 2005

Product Names That Need to be Changed

Seriously -- apparently I love the grocery store.


Devo said...

And you didn't even START on the various foreign products with beautiful names.

The Germans have "Bum Bum Banana" candy and "Kockens Anis" bread mix.
I'm not sure who it is, but there's also "Jussipussi" rolls.
The Greeks have "Vergina" Premium Lager.
And there's always "Jamaica Sun Cock Soup"

If ever there was an immediate need for monumental international marketing efforts, I'd say it's now.

B2 said...

I also forgot to mention Orangina.

Attila said...

Answer: Ben-Gay.

Question: Why didn't Mrs. Franklin have any children?

Yeah, I know, it's older than dirt, but so am I.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, my brother always pronounces Orangina...that way.

Anonymous said...

The nation's second largest grocery chain is headquartered in Boise, ID.

Anonymous said...

Jussipussi rolls are Finnish.
made by Primula.