Saturday, June 04, 2005

Oh No, Not You Again, Again

I always thought that I would know
When it was time to quit
That when I lost a step or two or three or four or five
I’d notice it
Now that I’ve arrived here safely
I find my talent has gone
Why do I go on and on and on and on and on
And on and on and on and on and on
Randy Newman, singer/ song writer, “I’m Dead (But don’t Know It” from the CD "Bad Love"

I wrote about the Rolling Stones here going on another tour, playing the same songs the same ol’ way, and charging in the neighborhood of $100 or more for tickets, and why would anyone want to see them.

That post is still generating comments: The Knitter said... You sock it to em Mick, I'm sure you're well used to being criticised by the over 25s by now!

That note made me pause and realize that the Rolling Stones have once again struck a chord with another new generation of fans. It’s true that the more mature folks have heard the Stones so much that they might a bit jaded or possibly wiser about the group continually recycling their hits, not coming up with anything groundbreaking, covering the same themes, and basically playing it safe.

I recall when I was in high school and crazy for the Stones, someone who was in his late 20s or early 30s back then, said that the Stone were tired and old. I dismissed him as not knowing anything.

Well, perhaps I too was wrong to dismiss the Stones. In the absence of any real groundbreaking music today, it makes sense for people to continue to connect to the band that was at ground zero. The Stones do have an impressive catalog of music and they have weathered on with minimal personnel changes while the Beatles’ music has endured, the band never made it out of the 1960s.

I though Daughter simply liked the Rolling Stones because she grew up listening to them and seeing them in concert (three times). She has been bugging me to see them again. I assumed it was because it was our little tradition, but I am convinced now that another generation has discovered why no one has ever argued with the group's self-proclaimed title from their 1969 live album "Get Yer Ya Ya's Out": The Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World.


B2 said...

Every American kid likes rock and roll, and good music is timeless. Every generation discovers the world all over again, and thinks it's the first to do so -- and the Stones are still a part of the world, and kids are, I'm sure, convinced that their parents don't really "get" them.

Janet said...

My dad has never been a big rolling stones fan, but he says he feels almost obligated to see them on tour now. Like he must be missing out on something if he doesn't.

The Misanthrope said...

Janet, go with him you will have a great time and a wonderful memory.

Chandira said...

Robert is a HUGE Stones fan. I like them, but not to the same degree.
Let's face it, they are a little better than JLo, Lil' Kim and Britney.. ;-)

Ever seen the video "Rock and Roll Circus"? Mick at his BEST, doing Sympathy for the Devil, accompanied by ALL sorts of famous people, including John Lennon. Rock's Greatest Moment.

Devo said...

One of my favorite things on earth is the video of JUST Mick, prancing around in his union jack tights. He looks like a frickin' chicken when he does that strut thing!

Awesome. As much as I love the Stones, I'm beginning to think they might should just hang up the spurs and let the world remember the vital, passionate, drug-addled geniuses they were in youth.