Monday, June 20, 2005

More Favoritism for Halliburton

I am against government by crony.
Harold L. Ickes (1874–1952), U.S. Republican politician

Halliburton has received another contract from the government. The company’s subsidiary Kellogg Brown & Root was awarded $30 to build a 22-bed prison for terrorist suspects. According the article buried at the bottom of page 17 in the Sunday New York Times, the job is part of a larger contract that could be worth up to $500 million through 2010.

This story was released on Friday. I first read it on Poliblog, under the heading "What Will Howard Dean Say?" which sited the Reuters article, but what bothered me about Poliblog’s post was that he said:

"So, now we have Gitmo + Halliburton. If Karl Rove can somehow be worked into the story, the Democrats’ version of the Axis of Evil will be complete. "

I believe that there is a lot of favoritism going on where Halliburton is concerned. Click here for one example. None of the stories, including the Los Angeles Times story buried inside in its Saturday edition mentioned whether the award was a no bid contract or not. If it was open for bid and Halliburton received the nod, so be it that is the way business works. However, another no bid contract should require an investigation.

As far as Rove is concerned, I despise that unethical, lying “turd blossom” or whatever presidential name Bush calls him.


Anonymous said...

i heard this last week. i may have to go to school overseas when i get my associates. i want to see how it looks from the outside.

The Misanthrope said...

Have a good trip abroad. Where are you going? Daughter returned from four months in England and exploring Europe.

Anonymous said...

i have looked at hebrew university seriously. doing further research on european and british music schools.