Tuesday, June 14, 2005

On The Mark -- Best Quote of the Year

"Don't snap your fingers at me, lady," as said by the 79-year-old juror at the Michael Jackson trial. She was referring to the moment the alleged victim's mother was on the witness stand and, while making a comment, snapped her fingers at the jury.

You know that attitude.

It's the attitude of the guy behind me on the freeway on Sunday who was waving his arms and pointing at his speedometer (having a cow) because I was going 65 MPH. I saw the highway patrol car a mile back. The idiot behind me did not. He passed me gesturing. I had to exit, but I'm hoping he got nailed.

It's the attitude of the (many) people who race through red lights, even while there's a mother with a baby stroller about to cross the street. It's the attitude of someone who cuts in front of you in a parking lot to take the spot you were starting to pull in to. It's the attitude of the person who intentionally takes up two parking spaces, which, frankly, makes one want to dent their car vs. avoid it.

It's the attitude of the people sitting behind you in a movie theater chatting away during a movie, and then they get snippy when you politely ask them to stop. It's the attitude of...well, I could do this for hours.

This juror had the opportunity to put it right back in her face. So many times I've wished I could do the same thing. But I do get some joy in knowing that one person paid a heavy price.


bitchphd said...

Just for the sake of argument, isn't the attitude of the juror (and yourself, actually) pretty much coming from the same place as the attitudes you're bemoaning? The "don't you dare inconvenience me" attitude?

... Just sayin'.

On The Mark said...

Not at all for me or the juror. It's not about being inconvenienced. It's about people being rude, inconsiderate and thinking that everyone else should fall in line behind them. If people think that the scenarios I described are normal, acceptable behavior, then therein lies the problem. Maybe that's why rudeness seems to be common today.

Anonymous said...

bitchphd- I think you missed the meaning of On The Mark's post.