Friday, June 17, 2005

On The Mark -- I Guess It Runs In the (Bush) Family

Jeb Bush couldn't stop Terri Schiavo's tube from being pulled. At last, one would have thought that she'd be able to rest in peace. But no, these Bushies don't stop scrapping if they don't get their way.

Jeb today asked a prosecutor to look into why it allegedly took so long for Terri's husband, Michael, to get help for her when she collapsed 15 years ago. This even after the autopsy revealed that she had not been strangled or abused in any way before she collapsed.

Michael's attorney, of course, said Jeb's request was preposterous. Which it is.

I keep thinking that the Bush clan can't surprise me anymore. And then they do.


Jack Steiner said...

I also blogged about this because this is just shameful behavior.

Nigela said...

A friend told me after the 2000 election there was no way GWB could get elected again. I believed him. And look what happened. God knows what else they have up their sleaves.

This is so low, though, I think/hope Jeb will be laughed out of the 2008 race.

On The Mark said...

Nigela - I visited your site for the first time last night and really enjoyed it. I particularly liked "A Love Letter." You expressed one's relationships with books in a way I've thought about but haven't expressed nearly as well as you did. You should protect it somehow because it will get stolen.