Saturday, June 18, 2005

Goodnight Moon

This is what I see when I read this book to my children: an open fireplace with no grate or protective enclosure; sharp fireplace tools; a balloon, ready to pop and be swallowed or choked upon; a telephone with long dangling cord to become ensnared in and strangled by (and why does such a small rabbit-kid need a phone anyway?); and vermin roaming freely.

Margaret Wise Brown, what were you thinking?


Nigela said...

Rabbits, perhaps, don't stick their nosies in the fire, eat the mice and think balloons are a waste of time (except for saying Goodnight to).

Attila said...

Do you strap your kids into bed with a seatbelt?

Come on. Try reading Maurice Sendak. MWB is mild in comparison.

Anonymous said...

Introduce the companion nursery rhyme 'Hey, Diddle, Diddle'; Read the poem aloud; Have students to share the things in this poem that could never really happen (cat playing a fiddle, cow jumping over the moon, dog laughing, dish and spoon running); reread and let students enjoy the silliness of the rhyme