Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Heros All
Gearing Up -- Guest Columnist

Notwithstanding professional athletes, there are plenty of real heroes in America. Amongst them is a group that is much larger than all of America’s soldiers, fire fighters, law enforcement personnel and first responders combined ‑ invisible heroes called parents of special needs children. My wife and I are part of that group.

No self-hero worship here, nor is this a self-righteous attempt to solicit sympathy. Everyone should be aware of, and thankful for, the devotion and ongoing sacrifices of these heroes. Our eldest son has high functioning autism. As late as a generation ago, many children with autism were institutionalized – either because of misdiagnosis, a dearth of treatments, stigma and/or the pure challenge of daily life for the child and his family.

Today, there are more interventions (i.e. treatments) and professionals to help all special needs parents to take care of their own kids, in their own homes. That doesn’t make it easy for us, but it takes a huge load off of society were the alternative the norm. So, lots of heroes, few of the self-aggrandizing persuasion, but all deserving of your awareness, and if you feel charitable after being over-taxed, your thanks.


Chandira said...

One of my very best friends has Ausperger's syndrome. I love him so much, because he's so simple in a lot of ways, none of the usual social face we all put on to cover what we really think and feel. I've learned a LOT from him. A LOT. He's an incredible guy. A real refreshing change.

He happens to be a very very good astrologer. it's a great combination to have a person do that with no room for bullshit. ;-) He definitely tells it like it is.

Janet said...

I worked with kids who had autism for a year as an aide. I cant even imagine what life must have been like for these people before we knew what we know now. And you know what is even crazier? I'm sure I could say the same thing in 30 years or so.