Thursday, June 30, 2005

The Misanthrope – On Vacation

Life is mostly froth and bubble.
Two things stand like stone:
Dodging duty at the double,
Leaving work alone.

Daughter. I cannot begin to describe the pleasure I get from seeing Daughter get up, and go to work while I stay home, and read the papers. I told her that if she could start paying the bills that it would extend my life expectancy and she wouldn’t be left orphaned as early. She was not swayed.

Retirement. If this is what retirement is like I would be in heaven. My biggest concern was whether the trash man was going to empty the cans, more accurately the large plastic tubs, because I was afraid that I had made the trash containers too heavy.

Speaking of retiring, I told wife that if we stay in good health and nothing dramatically changes we should be able to retire for about six months by the time we are 70.

Weather. Wife is in the Bronx visiting her parents. Rain has been falling all week and she said the humidity was or seemed to be in the 90s. Yuck. My evening engagement with On The Mark was canceled because he was diverted, rerouted and inconvenienced trying to get from the East Coast back home because of the thunderstorms. Another friend canceled the night before because of, well let’s just say miscommunication, which thus far has been the only sour note of my time off.

Sore. I think I am in reasonable shape, I am 6-1, 209 and I go to the gym at least three times a week, but legs and arms are aching after digging around the yard on Monday. The soreness meant that I had to postpone any further work, sorry Wife, but the soreness was hurting my ping-pong game. I lost the first match 3-2, which was ended because of heat and a strong summer breeze. I am off to redeem myself in an hour or so.


B2 said...

That pic next to your post about daughter is blocked on my computer... damn those firewalls!

B2 said...

Ah, home again -- and now I can see the wonderful hammock. I think Blogger's picture hosting may be blocked by some firewalls... though the blog itself is not. Anybody else have a similar experience? I'm doing research here!