Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Getting Off
Gearing Up -- Guest Columnist

Well, the Gloved One uh er um, shall we say, got off. According to the Gallup poll released the day after Wacko Jacko was acquitted on all counts, your humble bloviator is among the nearly 60% of white folk who think he should have been hog-tied and hauled off to a jail cell.

I just don’t know where to begin being, shall we say, uh er um, pissed off.

Allow me to start with the fact that $4 million of California tax payers’ money was spent to unsuccessfully make the case that Jackson is a pedophile not Peter Pan. When will we ever learn? When will these second-rate full-of-themselves district attorneys step aside and hire a high-powered attorney from the private sector to try these high profile cases, so the government can win a case once in awhile? The best shysters to get would be the old ones who want to redeem their greedy amoral careers before they themselves go to the courtroom in Hell by putting away famous murderers and sickos.

The next wellspring of my ire is the small detail that Michael Jackson is guilty as sin. His pedophilia is a sickness, a compulsion that has been there for all too many to see but not see for a long time. The pattern and history goes way beyond circumstantial evidence. And it will continue despite whatever vow of lifestyle change Jackson made.

Lastly, (for the moment,) is the jury that the least money could buy. Shame on the prosecutor for such amateur voire dire to end up with such a jury. California once again has put onto the international stage a collection of barely literate, self-righteously pompous people as our latest example of the true gravitas amongst us. Well, listening to that crew leaves me certain that their gravitas genuinely sucks.

There appears to be little doubt that Mother Arviso is a grifter, liar, and a criminally neglectful mother, but she and her son, like those who came before, no doubt are telling the truth or a good portion of it about Jackson’s behavior.

There, I even made it through this without making any cracks about the real reason Michael wears his glove...


The Misanthrope said...

After reading this post, I would encourage you to go to to read "A,B,C, It's Easy as 1,2,3" for another POV on Jackson.
(the link is on the right hand side of our page.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! 60% white folk, hair kink up again? I think the fact you think he is a pedophile is just the tip of the iceberg for you. I have spoken to Black "FOLK" and White "FOLK" and I don't know where you got the 60% from. More Black people I spoke to hated him and most White people loved him. I am white and Yes there are some very questionable things he is doing, and I would never let a child of mine be alone with him because of that. ( I also believe he should have been in therapy years ago.)I saw the Jury speak and I disagree with you 100%. That Jury was made up of everyday people, someone like your next door neighbor, the mailman, the garbage collector etc. Isn't that how it is suppose to be? Not everyone can be as articulate as you.

B2 said...

The phrase "60% of white folk" bugs me, too. And "shysters" -- for those readers who are not aware -- comes from Shylock, famous and usually-considered-anti-Semitic character from The Merchant of Venice (as a rule, I abhor the word).

Gearing Up said...

The white folk comment was intended to bother people because I abhor the race card being thrown into this by the African American 'leaders' who have made themselves available to the media.

As for B2's comment on the word 'shyster' he is absolutely correct and I am chastened for the future. Just so happens I'm Jewish and plain forgot the word and context from which the perjorative was derived.

Gearing Up said...

The 'white folk' comment was intended to irritate because I'm irritated about the race card thrown into this by African American 'leaders' speaking to the media. Race had nothing to do with this case whatsoever, especially in light of the prosecution's incompetence.

The concern about the use of 'shyster' is spot on and I am chastened for the future. Being Jewish, I'm red-faced to have forgotten the derivation and context. Trust me, I know many other adjectives to describe defense attorneys I dislike. However, let me be explicit in saying that I don't dislike all defense attorneys.