Friday, June 03, 2005

On The Mark -- Pat Who?

What a whiny, pathetic op-ed (actually more like a personal blog diary post) Pat Buchanan wrote here regarding the revelation of the great Deep Throat mystery. One would think that Richard Nixon was backstabbed and unfairly accused. Actually, one would think that Buchanan is jealous that he wasn’t Deep Throat (as some suspected) and he enjoyed being a part of the mystery that has now been ruined.

Buchanan extols Nixon’s election victories. He beats his chest about Nixon’s approval rating before the Watergate fiasco. “The liberal establishment was beside itself with hatred,” Buchanan writes, practically implying that Nixon was innocent and his demise was the fault of the liberal establishment, which includes the Washington Post, which, according to Buchanan, propagandized the antiwar movement.

He accuses the frail, ailing Deep Throat, W. Mark Felt, of following the money. Of course, why not? Woodward already has a book coming out next month about his dealings with Felt and how they worked together to bring the truth of Nixon’s illegal activities to the world. Why shouldn’t Felt get some money for his family? He’s the one who took all the risks.

Buchanan has had a pseudo political career since Watergate and he probably believes he would have one day been president if he hadn’t been on Nixon’s team as a speechwriter. The tone and content of his editorial does an excellent job of highlighting what’s wrong with the conservative base today. They have absolutely no concept of what’s right and wrong except as how it fits within their agenda.

Go crawl under a rock, Pat.


Jack Steiner said...

Go climb under a rock, Pat.

How about telling that cranky old bastard to suck rocks.

With love,


Jack Steiner said...

Sarcasm intended towards P.B. :)

On The Mark said...

yes, crawl, indeed. Thanks, Jack.