Friday, June 24, 2005

Guerilla Gorilla:
Seize This!

It's Friday at the Mishap, and I want to introduce you all to an associate of mine who will be posting now and again -- Guerilla Gorilla.

Guerilla Gorilla can be a little terse and unpolished at times, but I think he has some interesting insight into the world around us (especially given his status as a gorilla). He asked me to post for him, as his gorilla brain enables him to type and work in Photoshop, but he is still unable to master the concept of a blog.

And though Guerilla Gorilla could care less, I have found his source for you loyal readers.


B2 said...

Sorry, Devo -- here are the comments you'd posted:

Welcome, Gorilla Guy! You've chosen a fertile starting point by invoking the latest SCOTUS verdict... I must say that case is very touchy and incredibly frustrating... I was living in New London, CT, during the time this case took root initially (late 90's, I was attending Connecticut College, which probably taints my viewpoint a blinding shade of Ivory-Tower-White) and I saw condition these houses were in. I also saw the condition the town was in, and the plans that were in place to reverse an accelerating downward economic spiral.

As much as I hate the prospect of Big Gummint snatching my land away (which goes against the very fiber of what this country was founded on... I mean, where's the representation in THAT?! It smacks of Stamp Act arrogance), New London NEEDS some economic development. Ever since the Navy shut down their base there, the town has been wallowing in a cesspool of crack and raw sewage. It's frustrating that these few people refusing to sell their homes can't see that if they were to just move down the street, they would help to revivie a sick and dying town. I understand that people become very entrenched in their ancestral homes, but when the specter of urban blight moves in right next door, maybe it's a sign that stubbornnes might should give over to reality at some point.

Either way, I don't think the prospect of urban blight and economic depression should give the government the right to grow beyond its bounds into the realm of personal property. It's a disconcerting development, to be sure... and surprising in an age where the supposedly "small government" loving Republicans hold such exorbitant power...

OK, rant over. Thanks for the brain food!

Guerilla Gorilla said...

Guerilla Gorilla thanks Devo, and warns B2 not to keep monkeying around with my posts [grunt].

Me said...

Ah.. big government.
Isn't that what you liberals love?

And B2, sorry I don't comment more over here. I don't know where you host your pictures, but it prevents me from opening your site at work.